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Can’t match mp3 to pdf and than I lose it

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after matching a mp3 file from the local system to the pdf ist appears: missing audio file

And after that the file is deleted. When I store the file once more on the local system I can match the mp3 file and it will not deleted. What’s happened? Can anybody help me?

I have an iPad Pro with IOS 11.4.1 and Calypso Score v4.06 (1471) and the following settings:
Deleted imported files after import: Off
Delete songs when deleting a song book: Off

Thanks in advance


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Hi Thomas,

welcome in the forum. Don't hesitate to post your questions here. I'll always try to quickly reply.

Your issue looks like a bug I recently fixed (the fix is not yet in the App Store). Probably the Calypso setting option

    Keep files in public folder.
is switched ON.

You should only switch this option to ON if you want to save all your audio and fakebook files to your computer. This option makes those files appear in the shareable 'public' folder within iTunes on your computer. After you've copied all your files to your desktop you should switch this option to OFF. This hides all files Calypso needs and you thus cannot accidentally delete those files.

So switching Keep files in public folder should fix your issue.
have fun & make good music

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