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The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book (Whitburn) Index

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Here's the index of "The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book" compiled by Joel Whitburn and published by Hal Leonard. For composer, I use whatever the index shows, which in this case is the performer/artist. The pdf I have messed up the order of about 30 pages starting around page 292-323. I fixed my copy of the pdf, so the index reflects the page numbers as they're supposed to be. There are some songs that got split up. Enjoy!
The Ultimate Pop Rock Fake Book.csv
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Sorry to ask a stupid question but I'm new to calypso and don't understand the file you attached to your post it shows a list of songs. Is there music attached? Not sure what the significance is to share names of songs.
I'd appreciate anyone explaining this to me, again sorry for the newbie question.


No problem. There are copyright/legal issues sharing the actual music. I scan my music and turn it into a pdf. I used to carry a large briefcase of books.

My favorite feature of Calypso Score is being able to create indexes for the music pdf's I own (or create). If you have the pdf and the index, you import the index first. Then load the pdf into CS. The last step is to associate the pdf file with the imported index. I normally create my index files on my desktop/laptop, upload them to Dropbox and import them from there.

I hope that helps.

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