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Songbook files lost

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Post 25.02.2018, 11:15
Good morning, I have a problem with songbooks.
Even if the title of the songbook and the title of the songs are still there, i do not see the pdf's anymore.
I have the last version installed, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3

Post 27.02.2018, 12:10
jazzysiggi User avatar

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Hi Mino,

please apologize for your inconvenience. I'm pretty shure, though, nothing is lost or deleted.

As you probably know, Calypso makes a copy of the PDF-pages used in a song. So you can delete the PDFs after having made Calypso-songs out of it.

Perhaps Idid not really understood your concern. If that issue consist, send me a mail please.
have fun & make good music

Post 04.03.2018, 19:42
Hello siggy, in the songbook page, I still had the title of the various song I created, but the sheet pages were blank.
I had to say that with the new version of the program , all seems solved.

Post 06.04.2018, 14:41
I have had a similar problem, I had to close the app then open it and the problem was fixed. Not sure if that helps but I have had to do that a number of times to get the app working properly.


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