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Post 16.11.2015, 16:10

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I`m planning to buy an iPad pro. I know there will be some adjustments to me made for Calypso to take full benefit of pro. But does current Calypso run on pro anyway showing the score on the full size of the bigger screen?

Post 22.11.2015, 12:04
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I already got feedback from two users who already received their iPad Pro. They both say, Calypso is working and the music scores look good.

Since two days, i also am a proud Pro owner. Here are my own first impressions of Calypso:

- music scores generated with a retina device look very good (iPad 3 and later)
- those made on an older iPad 2/1 don't look as good but can be used
- the whole app surprisingly appears to be zoomed by approx. 30%. I never have read about such a behavior.

As bensonmaam supposed i'm currently working on the full support for multitasking of iOS 9 which will, among other improvements, also fix this strange zoomed look.


But for now, there is no drawback using Calypso on an iPad Pro. You'll benefit from the really nice big screen on a great new device.
have fun & make good music

Post 26.04.2018, 14:30
I also just switched to an Ipad Pro and I find Calypso working well, my only question is can I sync my older ipad to the new ipad pro?

Post 26.04.2018, 17:24

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I believe copying the calypso.sqllite file to the new iPad is a good first apporoach.

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