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csv Files for Fakebook Import

Provide links to your exported books, songs & recordings.

Post 15.03.2015, 16:13
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you have a fake book index as a Excel (.xls) or a Numbers (.numbers) file and want to import it into Calypso as a csv file?

Here is an example for such a cvs file

The Standards Real Book.csv
example provided by user coltrane
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The first line of this file, which are the column titles within your table, should look like:

After You;Cole Porter;1;2;2
Again; Newman & Cochran;3;2;4
Agua De Beber;Antonio Carlos Jobim;5;2;6
Ain't No Sunshine; Bill Withers;7;2;8

The order of the columns doesn't matter. You can also omit pageCount and pageTo. Then each title consist of only 1 page. If you provide both columns, the pageCount value supersedes the pageTo.

Important: because some song titles or composer names include a colon, you should configure your Excel or Numbers to use a semicolon as the delimiter for the cvs-export.

You can name the column title other than the above mentioned to let Calypso ignore those columns. If you would rename the last column from pageTo to pageToIgnored, Calypso will ignore the values of this column.

You probably also should omit the composer name, if your fake book holds mostly tunes Calypso already knows. Then Calypso will guess the right composer for you.

The reason, why it would be better to let Calypso assign a composer is as follows:

the two entries

Girl From Ipanema by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Girl From Ipanema by Tom Jobim

are considered as two distinguish compositions. They appear in different list entries when you are in All My PDF songs. And if you assign an audio file to one of them, the other entry will not have access to that audio.

If you have made an index, please export that index (without the PDF embedded) and share it here in the forum as an attachment. Other users can download it with the browser embedded in Calypso and then import the index. Thanks!
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I want to import such a CSV file to produce a Fake Book by myself?
Where di I do that?
Import says: "Not a PDF index"

I had some difficulty importing a csv file and hopefully this will help others.

I tried to use the import button from the Fakebooks section to get a csv file made in Excel from my Dropbox to create a new fakebook. Everything seemed to go fine, but then the message "Invalid File" showed up.

After re-reading Siggy's above post, I tried again, but first downloaded the csv file into the Files section of Calypso, then went to the Fakebooks section and used the import button and the Local Files option. Then it worked perfectly.

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Hi Bari,

that is exactly the workaround for a bug in Calypso. I've fixed that bug a week ago and will make the latest beta available in the App Store today.

Thank you
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