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Resetting password

Just in case you need help from admins or users

Post 03.03.2015, 22:01
Hi Siggi,
Thought I'd post this question on forum others might find it helpful.
You've very kindly got me unlocked and back on the forum but how do I change my password?
Thanks in advance.

Post 04.03.2015, 10:22
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Hi Rodbyes,

to change a users password, the user must first login. Then he must

- click on the top right on his user name and call the User Control Panel
- select the Profile tab
- select the Edit account settings

There he can enter a new password, confirm it. He also has to enter his current password before he submits the new one.

If the login fails for any reason, everyone can reach me by mailing to
have fun & make good music

Post 21.03.2015, 13:06
Hi Siggy
Thanks for that. I'm back on.
Would like to Thank you for the latest version, it's been so long coming I'd kind of forgotten how good this app is. It's like discovering it all over again! Thought I'd lost all my set lists but found the solution on forum but might be worth flagging up as separate post on forum- we won't be the only two. Thanks again. I will write a review on App Store when time, only fair after my last one -sorry. Kind Regards

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