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How can i download files from my Dropbox?

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Calypso currently does not have full access to all your Dropbox folders. This is a restriction to most developers from years ago: only few apps were granted full access to the Dropbox.

Most apps automatically make their own subfolder they have access to. Therefore you have to place your pdf / mp3 files into this folder:

YourDropboxFolder/Apps/Calypso Score

I would suggest to let Dropbox create this folder for you. To do so, export a demo song to Your Dropbox:

Switch to Calypso song mode and open any of your songbooks. Select a song and switch to the info panel of this song. Tap the export button on the top right and select the Dropbox option. You now have to sign in with your account data and agree give Calypso access to your Dropbox. Back in Calypso simply start the export and wait a few seconds until the upload finishes.

You may now check, whether the above mentioned folder was created.

You can now switch to the documents mode. As usually, there is the import button on top of the file list. Tap this button and select the Dropbox option, then you should get a list of all files of the newly created Calypso subfolder.

I'll ask the Dropbox team again to give Calypso full access. We'll see ...
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