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Calypso Score/Jam 2.8.1 is now available

What's new and what's coming up ...

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new in v2.8.1

• song titles can now be edited within the song list by 'tap & hold' on a song
• a preference option to always open the last used pdf when adding new pages to a song
• a preference option to import pdf pages with color by default


• sorting the songlist by composer or poet revealed an empty list
• Dropbox file list could be empty

v 2.8.0


• new users are guided with modal overviews when entering a main section of Calypso.
• new preference option 'keep files in public folder': when switched ON you may copy all data with iTunes and thus transfer them to another iPad.


• audio output is now stereo again, unless the pitch is modified
• the view of the iPod library could be totally empty
• annotations were placed wrong, if the score was imported with colors
• if no pdf is assigned to a fakebook index, the index won't open any more
• a page of a score could be hidden in some circumstances
• some pdf behave strangely when moving/zooming them during the import
• some minor bugs were fixed
have fun & make good music

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