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Calypso Score/Jam 2.7 is now available

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Calypso Score 2.7 and also the free Jam version, which now also holds version number 2.7 to reduce confusion, is available now. Those are mainly bug fixed versions, but i highly recommend to update Calypso BEFORE you upgrade to the new iOS 7. If you do so, iTunes will now backup and later restore all data of Calypso. Nevertheless, i would highly recommend to copy at least the file 'Calypso.sqlite' to your desktop computer using iTunes before you upgrade.

What has been fixed?

    • improved retina look
    • both channels of a stereo recording are now played back! I have to apologize for that.
    • rotation issue at startup
    • the buttons for previous/next song are working reliable
    • issue when deleting a song after reassigning it to another book
    • 'invalid file' on any import hopefully fixed
    • some more minor bugs
    • iTunes now backups all data of Calypso, including your fakebooks.

Again, despite the fact, that iTunes will backup your Calypso data, i urge you to make a copy of at least 'Calypso.score'. How to achieve this is well documented in the help system of Calypso.

The next release of Calypso will bring some really great new features. You will be informed ...
have fun & make good music

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