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How to get my pdf/mp3 files into Calypso

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This is by far the most requested help topic, especially if you are new to the iPad. For the next release, i will try to make this step more obvious. But for now, here is what you can do to get file(s) into Calypso:

To do so, you have several options which will be explained in more detail:

- iTunes sharing
- Dropbox
- mail

iTunes sharing

This is the recommended way if you want to copy several large files like your fakebook pdfs into Calypso. If you are new to iPad and did never put a pdf into an app, then this short video will help you (just select Calypso instead of the Adobe Reader app):


Currently, you have to put your files into a special subfolder within your Dropbox folder:

    /Your Dropbox Folder/Apps/Calypso Score/
I suppose this folder should not be created by yourself. Instead, Dropbox will automatically create this folder after you used Dropbox within Calypso for the first time. To get your files from the Dropbox and to grant Calypso access to it, just

- enter the document mode (third button on the bottom left in landscape mode!)
- above the documents list tap on the import button in the middle
- select Dropbox to import a file

When you do this step for the first time, you must eventually sign into Dropbox and once allow Calypso to have access to your Dropbox. This step will also create the aforementioned folder on your desktop computer. After this step, you will come back to Calypso and get the content of this special Dropbox subfolder. After you put some files into this folder, you can

- select the file to import (i.e. download it into Calypso)


You may also mail a file and send it to yourself. Open this mail on your iPad and tap and hold on the attached file. If you select Calypso in the upcoming 'open in ...' dialog, the iPad will copy the attachment and open Calypso. Calypso will notify you of the new file.

After you got the file into Calypso, you can use it for whatever you want: make a new Calypso song, assign it to a fakebook, assign a mp3 to a song, import as setlist/song/songbook/recording.
have fun & make good music

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