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How to move my scores from Calypso Jam to the full version?

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To move your scores from Calypso Jam to Calypso Score, you have two options:

    • by iTunes file sharing
    • export from Calypso Jam and import into Calypso Score

iTunes file sharing

All your scores of your songbooks are stored in only one single file named 'Calypso.sqlite', which resides in the documents folder of Calypso. Calypso hides this file to beware you from accidentally deleting it. So you have to

- start iTunes on your desktop computer
- select your iPad
- switch to the Apps tab
- scroll down to the list of file sharing capable apps and
- select Calypso Jam

Now you have access to all files in Calypso's documents folder. Drag and drop the file Calypso.sqlite to your desktop, then select Calypso Score on the left list and drag the just saved file from the desktop into the documents folder. Because there already is a file with the same name, iTunes will ask you, whether to overwrite this file. Assume you did not yet enter any scores in Calypso Score, then you may overwrite it. But, if you already did enter any scores, you have to export and import your data.

Export and Import your songbook(s)

In Calypso Jam, you have to first export all your songbooks. At the time of this writing, you cannot export all songbooks at once. So you must export each songbook separately.

To do so, enter the songbook edit mode by tapping the edit icon of a songbook in your songbook list (if you leave a songbook by tapping the Books button on the top left, you also enter the songbook edit mode). On the top right you find the export button. After you have tapped this button, you will be asked, how you'd like to export the book.

If you select iTunes, then you will get a file in the documents folder which has to be copied to Calypso Score in the exact same way as your sqlite file. You can instead select iCloud or Dropbox and thus omit the use of iTunes. In the next step you may modify the name of the resulting file and finally start the export.

Then, open Calypso Score and tap the import button above the list of songbooks. Again select iCloud, Dropbox or iTunes (after you previously copied the exported file to Calypso Score), select you songbook export file in the then upcoming list and start the import.
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