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How to import songs?

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Post 09.04.2013, 17:36
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How should i import the songs downloaded from a file hoster?

If you have achieved to download a file from a file hoster, the file lands in the file list which you can view with the files viewer. If you downloaded the file with your PC or Mac, you must copy the file into the documents folder of Calypso using the file sharing capability of iTunes on your desktop.

To import the songs of files ending with '.calsong' or '.calsongs', you tap on the import button above the song list of a song book. This import button (besides the 'New' button) only is visible if you see all songs of a song book; if you are in set list mode, select 'all songs' at the bottom of the song list.

Update: if you downloaded a file ending with '.calbook', this is a complete or part of a songbook. To import that, you have to tap the import button on top of the songbook list. The next steps are the same for both song and book imports:

In the upcoming import dialog box, you select the 'local file' option if your file is in the documents list [in previous versions this option was called 'iTunes' which was somehow misleading]. If you got the file from email or any other app where you selected the 'open in ... (Calypso)', then you also have to select the 'local file' option in the import dialog box.

You could also use the Dropbox to get your import file. To do so, you have to copy the file into your Dropbox folder of your PC or Mac. Then select the 'Dropbox' option in the import dialog box (after the upload to Dropbox finished).

Update: Since v3.1 you have instant access to your Dropbox & iCloud within the files viewer. Selecting a file of the Dropbox or the iCloud will copy it to your local files.

After you selected the source of your import file ('local file' or 'Dropbox' or 'iCloud'), you get a file selector where you select the file to import.

In the last step you finally tap the 'Start' button. You can switch 'with recordings' to OFF, if you are not interested in any recordings. After the import finished, the 'Cancel' button will change to a 'Done' button.

If the file was imported without any error, it will be deleted if you previously switched the preference option 'Delete imported files after import' to ON. This option by default is OFF.

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