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How to download from file hosters?

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As users start to share their work with other Calypso users, the problem arises, how to best download these files. Here we go:

As a premium user you can download from most file hosters like Rapidshare, Deposit ... without these annoying captchas and advertising. Therefore, you should not have any problem using Calypso's built-in browser for the download. Even with some file hosters the download within Calypso is possible as a free user.

To download from those sources within Calypso, you should follow these steps:

- switch to document mode
- tap on the globe button above the file list to go online
- select the Calypso Forum from the bookmark list
- find any new posts
- tap on the download link
- follow the instructions of the file hoster

Your download will land in the documents folder and can then be imported by selecting iTunes in the first import dialog.

There are file hosters you can't use within Calypso as with freak-share. Mainly because of any advertising, you cannot get the file. But you can open the site and download the file with Safari. When you are in the built-in browser of Calypso, you can switch to Safari by simply tapping the Safari button next to the Done button.

After the download finished, Safari will ask you, whether you want to open the file in Calypso. If you agree, Calypso will be started. There, you can now import from mail. This stands for any app, which starts Calypso by the 'open with ...' feature.
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