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The all new Fakebook support in v3

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Here you get many useful facts & tipps concerning the new Fakebook viewer which I once have written as a FAQ for my fellow team members.

• What the hell is this long lasting import when i switch to the fakebooks?

When you switch to the Fakebook viewer for the first time, Calypso realizes that it has not yet imported any fake book indexes if you've upgraded from a previous version to v3. It asks you to do so and starts the import. Calypso now imports the index data for over a hundreds fake book and Aebersold PDFs. This can last several minutes but is necessary only once. New users will get the fake books preinstalled.

• OK, i've done the import but what are these 'fake books' for?

These fake books are just indexes to PDFs. With the provided indexes Calypso can access each tune within your PDF and you may search for tunes. But if you did not yet assign a PDF to an index, you'll never see a music score. Obviously, Calypso cannot provide the PDFs for copyright reasons.

• Well, how can i assign my fake book PDF files to an index?

Say you have a 'realbk1.pdf' and you have already copied this file to the 'public folder' of Calypso. (I assume you already know how to copy a file with iTunes or with Dropbox) Now switch ON the All button on top of the fakebook list. If this is switched off, you only see the active fake books which must already have an assigned pdf. Next, select the 'Real Book 1' entry. On the right view you can see the PDF info and above that is the 'Assign to PDF' button (next to an export button). When you tap this button, you'll get a list of all PDF files within Calypso's public folder. Select the 'realbk1' and you're done. You must not rename (and misspell) any file.

Calypso can automatically detect the right pdf of an index if you name the pdf according to a list in the fakebook section of the help documentation.

• OMG, the page numbers of all tunes don't match at all with my PDF? Calypso seems useless for me.

That's right! No, not that Calypso is useless but the page numbers may not match. In earlier versions of Calypso there was a parameter called 'page#1 offset' for every fakebook to be able to adjust at least some tunes at the beginning of a PDF. With a little luck, all tunes of a PDF were brought in line with the index if you got the right PDF. This parameter was dropped in v3.

• You say, I cannot adjust the page numbers for myself? Hugh, let's go back to iGigbook :D

Wait! You can do that! And even more: as you'll see, you can now easily adjust your index for a PDF which has some missing or additional pages.

Let's begin adjusting the first tune of a PDF. As an example i'll stay at the above Real Book 1 (5th ed, C-version). The first tune is Sun Ra's 'A Call For All Demons' which is on page 14 of my pdf version. The page number stated on that page is #1, the index of this book being on previous pages. ("Siggi, could you please be less loquacious". "Ok, I'll try")

To adjust the first tune,

• sort the song list by 'page#'. This is a really useful new feature when adjusting your page numbers. Always do so!
• tap the loupe on the right to get to the top of the list.
• swipe the first list entry 'A Call For All Demons' to the left (not right, which has another useful meaning)
• Edit - don't Delete
'from page#' is already selected

Here comes the trick, you'll love:
• in landscape mode only (!) swipe the PDF on the right until you see the leadsheet of 'A Call For All Demons'

As you can see, the 'from page#' will adjust accordingly and the 'to page#' as well.

• now tap the Done button

Calypso has realized, that you've just changed the page number of a song. It will ask you, whether it should adjust the page number of all following tunes - 'A Child Is Born', 'A Fine Romance', 'A Family Joy' just to name a few. Accept!

As you can see, the complete index is now in line. Bingo!

• Hm, not bad. But my pdf is still not completely in sync with the index.

Your PDF could have missing pages. Or it has additional pages included. Or the index may be incorrect.

In either case, you can easily adjust the index. Again sort by page# and find the first tune, which is not aligned with your pdf. Edit this page as you've done with 'A Cool For All Demons'. Again adjust all following tunes. Do this with all tunes that are out of sync until the last song is in line.

• There is also a 'to page#' parameter which seems useless to me.

There are two scenarios, where a proper value of 'to page#' will be useful:

- Calypso offers the option to make a song for the Songbook viewer out of a fake book tune. The Songbook viewer is the most powerful viewer of Calypso with automatic page layout to avoid manual page turnings, extensive annotation capabilities and more. You should explore this mode once you are aquainted with the Fakebook viewer. You make a 'Songbook' song when editing a fake book tune and tap on the button which shows an arrow pointing into a (song-) book. Calypso takes the current layout of the music score, the title and the composer and will rapidly make a song in one of your own song books.

(BTW: i prefer the word 'band book', which is rather common in the bigband scene. I have a band book for all my bands i'm currently playing. Each band book has it's own setlist, which is really convenient for me.)

- The second scenario is currently in the future and won't be disclosed for now :P

• Can we make an own index of any PDF?

Yes, we can!

- Switch to the list of fake books
- Tap the New button on top of that list
- Give your index a book name in the PDF INFO
- Assign your PDF, else you couldn't open that index as you know
- Open your new 'fake book'
- The song list is still empty
- Again tap the New button to make a song entry

You should enter the songs from the beginning of the pdf and advance straight to the end to avoid the 'Adjust page numbers of all tunes after this one'.

• I have finally made a new index. Can i save my own index?

You save your index by exporting it:

- select your index in the fakebook list
- on the top right is the Export button
- as with all exports select the destination for the export file. For a save, the 'iTunes', 'Dropbox' and 'iCloud' is the proper option
- you could rename the final file before you
- Start the export.

• How can i restore my saved index?

- navigate to the fake book list
- tap the Import button next to the New button on top of the list

The many import options are confusing to some users. But it is straight forward: if you want to import a fakebook index, switch to the fakebook list. If you want to import a saved setlist or you got an exported setlist per mail, switch to the setlist mode. If you want to import a single song (with or without synchronized audio), select the song list where you want your song. To import a recording, open the recording panel. I don't know how to make this less confusing. But perhaps you know ...

• You've mentioned setlists for the fakebooks. But the setlist window is empty when i enter it.

When you enter the setlist preparation editor for the first time, is seems deserted. But you can change this very fast. When you're done with your setlists, the setlist editor looks confusing because of three lists side by side. Yes, that's right, but in my humble opinion this is the best way to plan your gig.

The setlist editor is best handled in landscape mode. Then you have

- all your songs on the left
- all your sets on the right
- and your chosen songs for the various sets in the middle

You have a jazz gig and plan to play three sets. To make a new (empty) set, tap the New Set on top of the right column. I'd suggest to make three new sets in advance. You can name these sets by long pressing on the set name. Thus a set could be renamed from 'Set #4' to 'The encore'.

As an old fashioned jazz player like me, i would select 'A Night In Tunisia' as a great opener for the evening. Find that tune in the list on the left, select the first set on the right and then tap the arrow pointing INTO the list. This will 'copy' this tune into the middle list.

Repeat this for every tune you want to play. A new tune will be placed after the selected one in the mid list. You may change your mind and move your tunes within a set and from one set to another. To remove a tune, select it and tap on the arrow pointing OUT of the list. You may also move complete sets.

Save your setlist or mail it to your band mates by tapping the Export button on top of the mid list. If you choose the mail option, the setlist will be available both as file for your beloved Calypso friends and as text for your friends who still use iGigBook. The first ones will be ready with your setlist in seconds.

When you're done with your setlist, switch back to your scores. You can now switch the songlist between all songs and your setlist.

I cannot imagine how the preparation of a setlist could be made easier once you are acquainted with it.

• How can i use the new audio capabilities in the Fakebook viewer?

You can now record your playing. But more useful for fake book users will be the 'audio assigning' capabilities. To assign an Ella Fitzgerald recording of 'All of Me' you can copy the mp3 (aiff, acc, mwa, ...) file into the public folder or you can get a copy out of the iTunes library of your iPad.

- select any 'All Of Me' in any fake book
- long tap the audio play button on top of the score
- the list of assigned recordings is empty. To add one,
- tap the Folder icon to get the previously copied mp3, or
- tap the iPod icon to make a copy of an iTunes tune
- after that import, you can change the performer in case Calypso couldn't get this info out of the file
- repeat the above steps to assign a Frank Sinatra version or that brilliant version of ▶ Aaron Goldberg Trio - All of me

That's it. Eventually you realize, that all entries of 'All Of Me' now carry this recordings.

BTW: if you once explore the Songbook viewer, you will see that you can synchronize the songs to your music scores. Thus, you simply tap on a bar and the music skips to exactly that bar! This could have an enormous impact on your transcription efforts or your rehearsals with your band.

That's it for now. Hope you discovered some helpful tipps.
have fun & make good music

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