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Real Book 6th Edition Index

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Post 24.04.2015, 05:45
Here's the index for the Real Book 6th Edition. I've also attached the .csv file I used to create the index. If you find any errors please let me know.

This index has been tested with the 3.x (beta) release of Calypso Score.

For instructions on creating an index, see Siggi has made this incredibly easy. Managing indexes is one of the great features of Calypso Score, much better than (ahem) the competitive apps.
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Thanks jssilver for this important fake book index. Hopefully other users will follow your example.

Currently, Calypso's embedded browser does not recognize those links as a downloadable file. But the workaround to get this file into Calypso is easy:

Tap on the Open in Safari button (the compass), tap the download link and finally choose Open in Calypso ....
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