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Trigger start of a song's score play back

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I appreciate the automatic page turns for performance mode. For rehearshal situations I use a foot switch, though.
Thus, owning a foot switch I think it could be usefull to start automatic score playback using the foot switch instead of double tap on a measure.
For preparation of a performance I use to add some additional measures at the beginnning on every score. While in a performance
I try to guess how many measures it will last until the beginning og the song. With a good estimate I am able to begin my playing hands free.
I could fancy a special measure type to indicate Calypso where to start score play back with a kick on the foot switch.
After this initial starting the foot switch should work like before.

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First of all, thank you Bensonmaam for your continous support of Calypso and all your feedbacks.

As I understand you, your requested feature is already here. There is an option Start listener at bar #1 in the Calypso settings which you should try. This option is revealed if you switch any page turner to ON. With Start listener at bar #1 ON, the page turner will start the listener at the very beginning of a song. This is by far my recommended method to start a song on stage.

As of your special bars only useful with a page turner, you have to convince me.

But perhaps I've missed something and did not fully understand your desired feature.
have fun & make good music

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I am aware of this option. So for clarification of my request, here is how I use Calypso in performance mode.
All my songs begin some bars before the beginning of the song, say at bar minus 8. So guessing the expected beginning of a song gives me eight bars to grab my trombone and be prepared to play at the beginning of the song. Most of the time this works quite well. Therfore I am prepared for playing without any foot switch. I don't want to change this way of pre counting bars.

But if I want to start the same song by tapping on the foot switch I prefer to begin at at the first bar of the song,
not at the first bar that I have entered preceding the start of the song. To do so I must delete all precounting bars, now.

I can think of two options how to provide this feature:

1) Option in the settings: skip n bars at the start
2) more flexible: have a special feature for a starting bar. Maybe with a new option in the same dialogue that is used to input multiple bar rests. In additon I'd appreciate a slightly different appearance for this special bar.

And I still fancy to attach a media button somewhere at the trombone (see to use it for paging.


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All my songs start before the first bar of my score, because of counting in and intros.
I would be helped with a table i can fill with the time - cursor position
a separate play knob to start the song at zero seconds and not at the first bar of the score.
I also would like to be able to swipe to the next song in a playlist and let it start automatically

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