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Post 06.11.2017, 09:35
I am constructing a song book and would like to be able to search/sort the list by song title or a number I give each song. Which field should put the number to allow the search to work?

Post 07.11.2017, 11:53
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Hi Wallacealeco,

sadly I don't have a satisfying solution for you. You could enter the number into the alt. title field. This would allow to search for the number but the alt. title won't be displayed within the list. And you can't sort by that number. In fact, you'd have to use the composer field for that number, which is inadequate dishonoring all those great composers.

But a solution will come in the near future. I always wanted this feature for all those musicians of an orchestra or the german Musikvereins. Their repertoire is mostly numbered and the band leader announces the next piece to the band members by that number (thus also dishonoring the composers and poets).

For an upcoming new feature which is currently tested for the first time, this numbering of a repertoire may become even more important. This makes it very likely - in the near future - to be implemented by this superp developer (which is me, BTW :oops: )

So stay tuned and you'll get your requested feature.
have fun & make good music

Post 07.11.2017, 13:40
Thanks for you reply. I have found a work around that seems to do what I want. In the Title field I put the number (below number 10 needs to be preceded with a zero) and I put the title in the Composer field and Alternate Title field. Not ideal because the title is in small font but I can now see, search or order by number or title now.
I have also managed to produce my own Fakebook complete with index! Great software from the developer. What was his name again?

Post 07.11.2017, 21:02
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What was his name again?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice workaround! As soon as those new properties like your repertoire number will be available (*), I'll make up a function to put your number from the title into this new repertoire number field and move your alternate title to the regular title. That's easy to do for me and you'll save a lot of time.

(*)Please remind me on my promises.
have fun & make good music

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