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Deleting a page from a son in version 4

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There is still one thing I seem to get trouble with in version 4. I start with a song that unintentionally got an unnecessary page. There is no delete button in version 4 anymore. So I tried the three dot button on top an choosed "Edit composed image". I got managed to bring up the waste bin and by pressing it the page dissappeared, indeed. But I had to get to the next step. "Update Image" or "Cancel". Both brought back the deleted page to the song. I'm sure there is a means to permanently remove this page, but I still haven'T found what I'm looking for. There are some users I know still searching, too.

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It finally worked out well. The problem seems to be that the wastepaper bin does not come up, reliably. Switching between edit and performance mode and back to edit mode again did the trick. When the bin is shown delete works like in the previous version.

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I'll look on that before making a new beta today.
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