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Post 29.11.2013, 06:03
I'm using Calypso Score to manage fakebooks and really enjoying the convenience of using the iPad on gigs.
Now that it's Christmas time, I've imported the Real Christmas Book pdf. Looks like it's not one of the books recognized by Calypso, so no searchable index; Is there any way that I can create an index, say using Acrobat XI, and re-import ?

Post 02.12.2013, 11:50
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Currently there is no way to make your own index. But this feature WILL come with the upcoming v3.0 - and it will be a great feature!
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Post 14.01.2017, 23:05
Hello, I noticed that version 3 has been released, is possible now to index my own books?

Thank you

Post 16.01.2017, 12:28
Yes! I found out that it is now possible!!! :D :D :D

Post 11.02.2017, 04:46
I have v 3.2.3, I'd like to create an index for real book vol II 2nd edition. I read that that is possible with this edition. How donIndo this?
Rick D
PS: i'd be glad to share with everyone wheb finished

Post 11.02.2017, 14:06
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Hi XRayDog,

the best instructions on how to create your own index is by using Calypso's help. Below is an image which shows you the two steps to go straight to your requested help chapter.

But wait: You want to create an index for the 2nd ed. of Real Book Vol 2. Because this would probably not be very different from the existing index of that book, you should modify a copy of that index. To do so,

export the existing index of Real Book Vol II
import it, which creates a duplicate
rename the book to Real Book Vol II, 2nd ed.
assign your PDF and then
• make the necessary modifications as explained in 'Editing an existing fake book index'.

Hope that helps. But you may request additional help by mail.
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