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Re: Problem with guided tour in version 4

Hi bensonmaam, the tour requires to play one of the two demo songs, Für Elise or Turkish March . Calypso knows these songs in detail and give appropriate instructions. But you are right nevertheless, it should react to a finished playing of any song and proceed. This guided tour does not provide you...
by jazzysiggi
25.09.2017, 09:37
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Problem with guided tour in version 4
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Re: Editing PDFs

Hi musolamb,

you're right, the mid area in the fake book and files viewer is not responding to any touch. I already uploaded a fixed version to Apple to be tested by my team. So stay tuned.
by jazzysiggi
25.09.2017, 09:27
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Editing PDFs
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iOS 11 is available and Calypso v4 is awaiting approval

Update: v4 is available now in the App Store! :D Just for your info: on last Tuesday, when iOS 11 became available, I uploaded the new Calypso v4 to Apple. Hopefully it won't be rejected. So please wait with upgrading to iOS 11. I'll notify you as soon as it is available in the App Store. --- the fi...
by jazzysiggi
21.09.2017, 15:41
Forum: Announcements
Topic: iOS 11 is available and Calypso v4 is awaiting approval
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About the song conversion in v4

This issue doesn't touch the fakebook-only users When you start the new v4 for the first time, Calypso will ask you, whether to convert your songs of the songbook viewer. What is the reason for this conversion you may ask? You may also realize, that your songs created with Calypso v4 could not be s...
by jazzysiggi
21.09.2017, 15:06
Forum: FAQ
Topic: About the song conversion in v4
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Re: IOS11 compatibility?

Hello Rodbyes, I've just submitted the new Calypso v4 to Apple and are now awaiting the OK of their test team. :| v3 had some visual issues with iOS 11, but did run. I'd suggest, though, to wait for v4 being available in the App Store. I've worked really hard to release the v4 for the recent iPhone ...
by jazzysiggi
19.09.2017, 12:22
Forum: Help
Topic: IOS11 compatibility?
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Re: Different look for edit and use setlist buttons

Hi Marimbaguy,

I'll come back to you as soon as I've completed the v4.

BTW: if the option 'Show tips & guides' is ON, you will get a hint pointing to the switch 'all songs/set lists' to use your newly created set list.
by jazzysiggi
17.04.2017, 20:08
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Different look for edit and use setlist buttons
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Re: Guitar chord tabulatur as symbol annotation

Hi Quasi, playing a tune faster or slower than desired, is more or less normal. It depends on your daily mood as we all know, but more often it depends on the mood of your band leader :P Because of those band leaders and their changing daily moods, Calypso can automatically adjusts the performance t...
by jazzysiggi
11.02.2017, 18:07
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Guitar chord tabulatur as symbol annotation
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Re: Create an Index?

Hi XRayDog, the best instructions on how to create your own index is by using Calypso's help. Below is an image which shows you the two steps to go straight to your requested help chapter. But wait: You want to create an index for the 2nd ed. of Real Book Vol 2. Because this would probably not be ve...
by jazzysiggi
11.02.2017, 14:06
Forum: Help
Topic: Create an Index?
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Re: bluetooth page turner by Coda

Hi marimbaguy, welcome to the forum and please apologize the delay for my reply. At first I have to admit, that I don't have a PageFlip page turner pedal. From your description, I have no idea what's going wrong. Therefore I can only give you the advice to configure Calypso for proper working. I kno...
by jazzysiggi
08.02.2017, 14:10
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: bluetooth page turner by Coda
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Re: Real name of the Fakebooks

Welcome Frank58, to the forum. And thank you very much for your kind words about Calypso. I know (I guess) that is very important rename in the right way the books before importing in CS by iTunes isn't it? Probably you are coming from iGigBook. There you would be totally right. But you are using Ca...
by jazzysiggi
03.02.2017, 15:05
Forum: Help
Topic: Real name of the Fakebooks
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