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Re-indexing RB1 in All My Songs?

Real Book I is installed and searchable when selected in the PDF Books section. However, when searching in the "All My Songs" Book none of the songs come up anymore (worked in the past). Other fakebooks still display and index properly in All My Songs. What to do? Uninstall & re-instal...
by CityRat
05.08.2014, 17:17
Forum: Help
Topic: Re-indexing RB1 in All My Songs?
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Create an Index?

Hi! I'm using Calypso Score to manage fakebooks and really enjoying the convenience of using the iPad on gigs. Now that it's Christmas time, I've imported the Real Christmas Book pdf. Looks like it's not one of the books recognized by Calypso, so no searchable index; Is there any way that I can crea...
by CityRat
29.11.2013, 06:03
Forum: Help
Topic: Create an Index?
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